About Us

Meet those who bring you 3.W.C.C. coffee:

Before roasting coffee together, and eventually turning it into a business, we were all friends. We attended the same high school, played sports together and have spent tremendous amount of time together throughout the years.  A friendship eventually turned into an engagement when Jess and Marty decided to turn their friendship into a life long commitment.

Each of us do different things, have different views, and different ideas, but what we all have in common, is the desire to share our coffee with others.



Martin Beninsky: Founder/CEO

Marty started 3rd Wind Coffee Co. out of a personal love for coffee.  His goal is to provide the freshest and highest quality coffee to those who care about the coffee they drink and inspire those who want the most out of life.

Marty is an emergency room nurse by profession, real estate investor, and coffee company owner! 


Jessica May: COO/Head of Media

Jessica graduated with a bachelors in Psychology but works full-time as a photographer. She also has experience as a barista and working in coffee shops. When she isn't taking pictures or working on a project for 3rd Wind Coffee Co. she enjoys travel, puppies, and spending money on shoes! 


Tyler Bonawitz: Vice President

Tyler is a contractor by trade and there is nothing on earth he cannot fix. When he isn't building or fixing something he is COO of a Real Estate Investment Company he runs with Marty. He has a love for guns, things that go BOOM, and has a fascination with space!


Connor Laudenslager: VP of Marketing & Sales/Creative Director

Connor has hustle in his blood, is always up to something, and is probably the most resilient human on earth! Not even a stroke at the age of 17 could slow him down! He is finishing a degree in Criminal Justice while helping grow and scale 3rd Wind Coffee Co. He has an extremely creative mind and always brings a unique viewpoint to the table! His superpower is his ability to talk to anyone he comes in contact with!